Starting 5: August 7, 2015

A big day for Germán Gabriel, Fuenla adds Stevic & China will host the 2019 World Cup

It was a big day for Germán Gabriel, who re-signed with Unicaja and launched a new video game app called Wildaddy

Germán Gabriel re-signs with Unicaja

Veteran big man Germán Gabriel will return to Unicaja Málaga after signing a two-year contract, according to Rafael Guerra of La Opinion de Málaga.

Gabriel, who came up through Unicaja’s youth program, re-joined the club mid-way through last season. He’s a solid backup center and should play 8-12 minutes per game behind Fran Vázquez and new addition Richard Hendrix.

Germán Gabriel launches new app on iOS

We’re not done with Germán Gabriel news just yet. The Spaniard probably became the first ACB player ever to sign a contract and launch an app on the same day.

The app is a retro-style video game called Wildaddy. Essentially, you play as a Tarzan-like father and gather bananas for your son. Germán tweeted that he had been working on the project for a year.

Cool stuff.

Fuenlabrada signs Oliver Stevic

Serbian big man Oliver Stevic is the latest addition for Fuenlabrada, joining Josip Sobin on the interior.

Stevic, 31, comes to Fuenlabrada from Turkish club Royal Hali Gaziantep, where he spent the last two seasons. Despite some injury troubles, Stevic finished in the top ten in rebounding during both his seasons in the Turkish league.

His contract is for one season.

Barcelona re-designs the parquet 

Palau Blaugrana will look a little different next season after Barcelona re-designed its court.

The purpose of the re-design was to make the ball more visible during sports like fútsal, which also take place in the arena. Here’s what the old version looked like:

Photo courtesy of Germán Parga

Photo courtesy of Germán Parga – FCB

China will host the 2019 FIBA World Cup 

FIBA announced today that the People’s Republic of China will host the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

China received 14 votes and was chosen over the Philippines (7 votes).

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